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How Does A Medicare Agent Get Paid?



If you are finding to know Medicare Agent Get Paid? to read this blog:

We emphasize that our services are absolutely free to our clients, which often brings up the question….” well then how do you get paid?” That’s a very important question because knowing how someone gets paid can show if they may be biased and recommending a plan to you because it is good for THEM but not necessarily for YOU.Medicare Agent Get Paid by lots of payment process

Medicare Agent Get Paid

Medicare Agent Get Paid  BASED ON WHAT YOU BUY: Medicare agents get paid commission that’s built into the product pricing. Medicare Agent Get Paid also by Prescription Drug Plans typically pay very little.

As a licensed Medicare Insurance Agency, our job is to educate our clients on how Medicare works, and then assist them in finding the right plan for their specific situation. When we make a recommendation to you and you allow us to enroll you in that plan, the insurance company then pays us a small commission for all of our work. Its important to note that you don’t have to pay anything additional to work with us, so you’re getting all of our expertise at no cost to you whatsoever. What a great deal!

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