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Cancer Policy

Rosati Insurance agents are licensed to sell Medicare Supplement insurance in multiple states. We’re a full-service insurance agency providing cancer plans, dental plans and life insurance.

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What is Cancer Insurance?

The most important fact you need to know about cancer insurance is that it pays an immediate one-time lump-sum payment directly to the insured person upon the diagnosis of a covered cancer. This is different from your general medical insurance policy which reimburses the insured or health care provider for medical services, procedures and medication. A cancer insurance policy benefit may be used for any purpose the policy holder chooses.

How is the benefit paid?

When the policy holder or beneficiary is diagnosed with cancer they submit a claim form with the required information. Once the insurance company receives all the required information they issue a check to the policy holder or their designee first diagnosed with invasive cancer or malignant melanoma, you submit a claim form with the required diagnosis information. Once we receive all required information, we issue a check to you or your designee – usually within a week. This check is a one-time, lump-sum payment. The benefit can be used for any purpose the insured or designee chooses.

Are all types of cancer covered?

Please review the policy carefully. Only certain types of cancer may be covered under the policy. For example, many policies only pay benefits for a first diagnosis in an internal organ such as the breast, lung or liver. In some cases, only a malignant melanoma skin cancer is covered..

What if I have had cancer in the past?

If you have been diagnosed as having or been treated by a doctor for internal cancer, melanoma, and certain diseases related to cancer you won’t qualify for coverage.

Is the benefit amount the same for all family members?

The benefit level is determined at the time the cancer insurance plan is purchased.

Do premiums increase over time?

Premiums increase only if the premiums for all policies in a state are increased. Any increases must be approved by the appropriate state authority.

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